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Terms of delivery differ to a regular hire so please read this information carefully.

1) Where a car is to be delivered to you, the hire start time is the time that the vehicle will leave our premises for delivery to you. Example: You book a hire from 11am at a location that is 30 minutes from our premises, your car will be delivered to you at approximately 11:30 (traffic permitting).

2) Where a car is to be collected from you, the collection time will allow for our return journey to our premises. Example: Your hire ends at 16:00 and your location is 30 minutes from our premises, we will collect the car from you at approximately 15:30.

3) Upon delivery, the car will by handed over to you and the deposit taken by card as normal.

4) Should the car not be available for collection at the agreed time, the following extra charges will apply:
i) A waiting time of £25 per 15 minutes for the first 60 minutes and £50 per 15 minutes subsequently to cover the driver and equipment
ii) 50% of the ‘4 hour taster drive’ will be charged per hour (or part thereof) for the rental of the car.

Delivery is not always available so please check prior to booking your hire!

NOTE: Delivery is not available for the 4 hour taster drive and is only available where the car hire charge exceeds £300.

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